Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.

“I am here to be a fierce and loving invitation for the transformation of humanity.” - Rev. Lo

In Season One of the #SimplyBeSeries, we talked a lot about the concepts of what it takes to build a personal brand.

SimplyBe a Tribe Leader sounds great in theory, but what does it actually look like?

Welcome to the #SimplyBeBOSS series, where we will take a look at these concepts in action with real life examples of men and women across the globe- movers and shakers who are living out their personal brands and turning their passions into profits.

This week’s #SimplyBeBOSS, and a shining example of what it means to be a Tribe Leader, Lola Wright.

Affectionately nick-named RevLo, Lola Wright is the Spiritual Director of Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, and one of SimplyBe’s rockstar clients. Lola doesn’t just ‘lead’ her people. She empowers them so that they reveal their own power. She does this by being constantly available and accessible, and by providing unyielding value.

I have had the pleasure of working with her as our client at SimplyBe. Agency (so I’m a little biased, I’ll admit) but keep reading and you’ll see what it means to truly be a Tribe Leader.

Her mad skillz.

Lola is a fire starter. She has the power to ignite the souls of all she meets, especially when she is in her element. On Sundays at 10a CT you will find her facilitating the Sunday Celebration Service at Bodhi Spiritual Center, a gathering place in which people will find anything they may need that relates to a higher purpose in life: meditation, mindfulness, clarity, yoga, counseling, classes, workshops, panels, and community events and gatherings. Lola’s talks each week have the power to lift up the entire room! (Definitely check out Bodhi - you can also participate from afar by watching their live streams of every Sunday Celebration Service).

Her voice.

During Lola’s weekly Facebook live stream, The New You LIVE, she covers, discovers, and unwraps concepts ranging from finding and keeping faith when times are tough, to self-love, to becoming more intentional in life to finding your purpose in life! This live stream serves as a safe place to communicate with her (and others), ask questions, raise your own opinions, and feel connected to the beautiful tapestry of people who are present.

Each week during this live stream (and beyond, if you reach out to her), she opens up her time and her heart to better serve her Tribe, which has now grown to thousands and thousands each week.

Her content.

Each week there is a blog post that is complementary to whatever she covered in The New You LIVE. It’s great content that allows her to get into the nitty gritty of the topic at hand, and another touchpoint through which she can serve her Tribe.

Her social platforms also share information on the weekly topics, as well as relevant articles and links pertaining to both her weekly topic and current issues. She does an excellent job of unearthing a new state of consciousness, and welcoming and encouraging others to do the same. She is here to help you awaken to the power and perfection that resides right where you are.

Her family.

Even Lola’s beautiful family is a testament to her incredible ability to serve those around her. With four kids ranging from kindergarten to college, she knows how to manage a household and get her people what they need. She is an incredible, loving, and selfless mother and wife, and she’s raising some all-star human beings, let me tell you.

Lola’s shares some words to her Tribe on her website:

“Whether you are hungry for more joy, want a life of fulfillment, want to let go of limiting beliefs, or refuse to ever accept the label of victim, I want you to know that you don’t have to look outside yourself to find the answers. You have them, because you are the answer.”

So the learning this week is to SimplyBe. in Service. It’s one thing to call yourself a “Leader,” and it’s another to create a Tribe of movers and shakers that are going to change the word.

Don’t just bark orders at your team and expect them to look up to you as a leader. Empower those around you to know that they too have it in themselves to be great.

SimplyBe. in Service.