What We Can All Learn from a Former Rockette

In Season One of the #SimplyBeSeries, we talked a lot about the concepts of what it takes to build a personal brand.

SimplyBe Generous, SimplyBe Fun and SimplyBe Valuable all sound great in theory, but what does it actually look like?

Welcome to the #SimplyBeBOSS series, where we will take a look at these concepts in action with real life examples of men and women across the globe- movers and shakers who are living out their personal brands and turning their passions into profits.

Today we’re talking about the one and only Hilary Rushford, Founder of Dean Street Society.

Hilary Rushford is a self made #girlboss with many facets to her business. As both a personal stylist and business mentor, Hilary has helped so many embrace their personal style and push their limits as well as grow their businesses.

Dean Street Society provides tons of content: from their signature online course, Style and Stylability, to Hilary’s book, The 4-part Entrepreneur Cocktail, about building your own business and how she built hers, to mentoring for entrepreneurs, to styling services and speaking engagements.

Content and quality is the name of the game at Dean Street Society.

There are a few things that set her apart and drew us to her as the BOSS for this week. Sure she’s fun, but a lot of people are. So what is it about her stuff that makes her so unique?

Well that’s just it — Hilary Rushford is eccentric.

Her Style.

Hilary Rushford is a stylist by design, but truly stylish by nature. As a personal stylist she knows how to push the boundaries of looking chic and how to encourage people to express themselves in finding their own personal style.

“I believe when a woman feels beautiful she is healed from the brokenness of this world, powerful, peaceful and inspiring.” -Hilary Rushford

Not only does she look great, but she makes no apologies for it. She rocks the jumpsuit, the statement necklace, the vintage finds. She owns her look every day of the week.

Her Sign-off.

Hilary signs off her emails, her blogs, her everything with: “With grace and gumption, Hilary” in her unique and snazzy handwriting. This departure is both professional and consistent, yet fun and eccentric. It provides a peek into what she’s all about: how a woman can be feminine but can also be fierce, and you have to be to get to where you want to go.

Her Content.

Watch any of her video ads or live webinars and it’s clear Hilary’s got a penchant for the dramatic. She was, after all, a former actress, dancer, singer and Rockette. (Yes, we said Rockette). Therefore, she shamelessly, bravely and literally performs in all she does and while it might not be palatable for everyone’s taste, she is as unapologetically authentic as it gets, and for that, we love her.

Also, I’m a big fan of Hilary’s Instagram. If there’s one thing you’ll get our of following her it’s that she’s not afraid to be silly. Although she does post very unique, inspiring, beautifully curated photos and captions consistently, she breaks it down every now and then in her dance party videos.

Simply being silly is something that resonates with all of us. Having fun and letting go is what life’s all about, and with her dance videos sprinkled in, she brings everything back to a truly real place.

Hilary’s got it going on. She flaunts her own unique style both in the looks she rocks and the value she shares with her audience. She’s not only fun- she’s eccentric. She stands out. And that’s what owning your own space with your personal brand is all about.

SimplyBe Eccentric.

Thanks, Hilary! Keep doing you, girl!