I Got My Mind on My Value and My Value on My Mind: Put Your VALUE Where Your Mouth Is.

In Season One of the #SimplyBeSeries, we talked a lot about the concepts of what it takes to build a personal brand.

SimplyBe Generous, SimplyBe Fun and SimplyBe Valuable all sound great in theory, but what does it actually look like?

Welcome to the #SimplyBeBOSS series, where we will take a look at these concepts in action with real life examples of men and women across the globe- movers and shakers who are living out their personal brands and turning their passions into profits.

In the #BOSS seat today is Michael Hyatt.

The first time I heard Michael Hyatt speak (let alone heard of him in general), was on the Stevenson's podcast, The Model Health Show. The episode was titled: "Exercise your 'NO' Muscle and Get Free to Focus."

Since I am a total 'YES' girl and this simple word has become an epidemic to my schedule, I was immediately drawn to the content. After listening to Michael Hyatt for less than an hour, I was a devotee.

Yes, me - a millennial 30-something woman - found this old white guy in a suit with a background in corporate America to be as relatable, likeable, inspiring and motivating as anyone I had heard in a long long time. I immediately subscribed to his newsletter, began reading his blogs, downloaded his free PDFs and started listening to his podcast.

I quickly learned that Hyatt has created a multi-million dollar business, and a virtual one at that.

How? Because he not only speaks from a plethora of experience working with rising C-level execs and successful entrepreneurs, but from a place of pure compassion for helping his audience. He frequently talks about his family, his faith and his passion for fitness, travel and a work-life balance. He's a real person. And he's constantly giving some of the best stuff he knows away.

Let's break down the facets of Michael's business and how you can apply the principle of "Simply Being Generous" to your own business.

His free downloads.

Check out his archives.

Yea, he’s got a lot to give. He’s organized his archives by appearances, audios, books, events, links, photos, questions, quotes, slides, tips, and videos- all of his content conveniently located in one place so his audience can have access to everything he’s about.

As “Your Virtual Mentor,” Michael Hyatt gives you all the tools that he himself has found useful. He also encourages anyone who doesn’t find what they’re looking for to email him directly to discuss - being generous with your time is one of the most selfless things you can do in today’s day and age. You go, Michael.

His blogs.

Not only does he have a killer cadence and blogs a minimum of three times per week, the topics he chooses are uber intentional and valuable to his audience. No fluff pieces here.

His topics include getting out of creative blocks, time management best practices, the importance of taking vacations, the importance of apologizing, poor leadership and its impact on employees, and secrets to negotiation - all topics from which every entrepreneur, wantrepreneur, corporate or entry level employee, and human being can benefit.

His writing truly authenticates his goal to become “Your Virtual Mentor” to help you “Win at Work. Succeed at Life.”

His podcast.

The “This is Your Life” podcast demonstrates his generosity even further. The weekly Monday morning free podcast is dedicated to intentional leadership and has the goal of giving listeners the tools they need to “live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence.”

The podcast goes beyond simple tips in the workplace- it covers skills and actionable ways to help you achieve your life goals as well. Michael focuses on the whole person that is needed to truly succeed.

Bottom line, a personal brand is an act of service. Your followers only care about you as much as they care about the value which you provide them.

So the learning this week? It’s about being selfless.

You must provide a level of selflessness in order for your personal brand to truly be successful. Those who care less about the money and more about the work and their value always win.

So now it’s your turn. Put your value towards your audience before you put it towards your paycheck, and watch how everything else will naturally fall into place.