Dear Men: Your Vulnerability is Sexy. Lewis Howes Shows You Why.

In Season One of the #SimplyBeSeries, we talked a lot about the concepts of what it takes to build a personal brand.

SimplyBe Valuable sounds great in theory, but what does it actually look like?

Welcome to the #SimplyBeBOSS series, where we will take a look at these concepts in action with real life examples of men and women across the globe- movers and shakers who are living out their personal brands and turning their passions into profits.

This week, our #SimplyBeBOSS is Lewis Howes.

Lewis Howes's story could look a lot like anyone's. He was never the fastest, the strongest, the coolest, the most athletic, the smartest or the most talented.

His "greatness" wasn't granted. It was earned.

There are many ways in which he emulates his greatness. Here are the highlights:

From Ball to Business.

Early on, Lewis became a pro athlete with a career that ended due to an injury, but that never stopped him from staying active. Lewis is currently a USA Men’s National Handball Team athlete and remains in the selection pool for the USA Men's National team.

Lewis took with him and transformed all the of the lessons of discipline, hustle and self-belief from his athletic background into the foundation of his current lifestyle entrepreneurial business, where he has grown a digital community of hundreds of thousands.

Those Who Can Do, Also Teach… And Learn.

His podcast, The School of Greatness, has become one of the most listened to podcasts on iTunes and he's interviewed some of the greatest thought leaders of our time including but not limited to Tim Ferriss, Brene Brown, and Tony Robbins.

What I love so much about him and about the nature of his podcast is that he's a true student of those around him. Lewis is confident in himself, we all have to be to an extent, but he never crosses into macho-ego territory. It’s never all about him- he directs the attention to what his listeners (and he!) can get out of each guest of his show. His brand is of service to his audience.

Vulnerable is the New Cool.

OK. I am OBSESSED with the fact that he is a male that talks about his vulnerabilities. Being vulnerable is something women perhaps find a bit easier to do (or at least do publicly) but Lewis Howes literally wrote the book on it: The Mask of Masculinity comes out October 31st, 2017.

Not only is this a way to connect on a deeper level with his audience, but it encourages other men to shed their tough exteriors and just get real with themselves. Lewis Howes is a beacon for strong, emotional men and we need more of those in the world.

Passion Over Everything.

He is truly in-service of those who follow him. I really believe that Lewis Howes gives a shit. He has an undeniable and an unshakeable passion to serve, and this is his secret sauce.

A true personal brand, after all, is an act of service to the audience it attracts. And I gotta say, the more and more I get to know the Lewis Howes brand through his podcasts, live events and digital courses, the more and more I see how earnest it is, and the more and more I want to be a part of it and invest in it.

He's really doing it, guys.

The learning this week is to be passionate. Without passion, your personal brand can and will fall flat. Remind yourself of what you’re in it for and let that emotion and drive speak for itself.

SimplyBe Passionate.